Female member participating in a meeting.

Who We Are

Pension Group East (PGE) is a non-profit organization established in 1976 by a group of pension professionals. While the original membership of five has grown to more than 50 today, the goals of the founders remain essentially the same.

PGE Goals

Our goals include:

  • To provide a forum for examination of important contemporary issues in asset management, employee benefits, business, finance and government policy.
  • To advance professionalism in the pension industry with special emphasis on the role and envelopment of the plan sponsor.
  • To attain greater recognition for the plan sponsors' achievements in pension management.
  • To serve as an informational exchange and network.
Hand holding an award.
Reviewing paperwork at a meeting.

Who Participates

PGE membership is limited to individuals whose professional responsibilities directly relate to the investment management of assets of employment benefit funds or similar institutional funds, such as endowments or foundations.

  • Member must represent a plan sponsor
  • Consultants, members of the press, money managers etc. must be excluded although may occasionally be welcomed as guest speakers
  • Membership is not confined to plan sponsors of a specific geographic area.
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